Thursday 8th October
9am-12pm, at Sandeman Room, AK Bell Library, Perth

Giraffe Trading and Disadvantage To Advantage (D.A.T.A) join mental health charity Penumbra for a two hour Art and Wellbeing POWWOW (Penumbra Workshop on Wellbeing)

Wellbeing-brochure-frontAn Art exhibition will be facilitated by Giraffe Trading.  The aim of the POWWOW is to inform attendees about art, its history, different art forms, and how these link to mental health and wellbeing.

The POWWOW will have a mental health social worker guest speaking about a service user’s Self Directed Support journey and how they used art to increase wellbeing.  Derek Scrimgeour will speak about his website D.A.T.A aimed at showcasing artwork around mental health and stigma. Giraffe Trading will there to speak about their own organisation and the art exhibition, which the public are very welcome to come along and view.

For info contact: Willie Wright : 07919 881294 /

Programme of Events

The events will raise awareness around the diverse range of supports available throughout the Perth and Kinross area and also the simple things people can do to help themselves. The programme will be added to, as events are announced.

Events span from Monday 5th October to Thursday 29th October.

More information about the Wellbeing Fair and the official events brochure can be found here.