This is Kathy’s blog from our Springlands Plants site in Perth.

Tuesday 14 February – Valentine’s Day

A cold start, but hey ho, ‘tis only mid February!  It was a day for Shiona to fork over the salad growing area in the small poly tunnel and Pam and Helen to plant and water our December sown salad/lettuce seedlings.

The Right Track group were busy digging out an overgrown area, putting weed control fabric down and then covering it with bark chippings – one less area to worry about for weeds. Pam and Helen were also busy counting plants.

Wednesday 15 February

At last, a tool shed where the tools are clearly and safely seen and stored, thank you Helen.  Now everyone will have to remember to clean them after use, no excuses!

Next question – what can you do with 6 small double glazed window units?  Well it’s obvious, use them for cold frames.  Daniel worked and cleared 4 small raised beds at the bottom end of the garden and hey presto, the window units fitted a treat.

And finally Helen dug up some parsnips for the Cafes. It’s amazing, the shapes some of them!


Thursday 16 February

The rhubarb is starting to grow and so it is time to dig out some and divide it.  And what better way to ensure those who might like to grow their own than offer some of the ‘crowns’ for sale at the Cafes.  After I lifted them, Liz cut them down to size.

The crocuses, planted in bowls by Gareth and Gerry in September, are now flowering and so at last a splash of colour to sell.

Time to think of summer and sow the first of the bedding seeds.  Maureen made a start with sowing Lobelia.