‘Giraffe Social Enterprises’ are undertaking a new Community Project called ‘Love the Lade’ .
The ‘Lade’ is the historic town canal that runs from the River Almond onwards through Perth before eventually reaching the River Tay. It has been a cherished part of Perth for a long time but has fallen into a poor state in recent years due to neglect and littering.
Giraffe Social Enterprises have taken up the challenge of putting some Love back into the Lade and have chosen a stretch of the Lade from Highland House to the Dunkeld Road as a pilot project from now to end of September (The Provost is cutting the ribon on September 23rd 2016 and an event to celebrate a successfull project (hopefully) will be held at our People’s Farmfood Market and Garden Centre at Ladeside, St Catherine’s Road (behind ‘The Range’ retail store) .
 If all goes well, it is hoped the project will be continued with other stretches of the Lade being ‘Loved’ and improved after September and onwards with help and ownership of the project by the local community coming together.
We are asking the community, local social care agencies and their clients and any individuals who would like to get involved to come and join us (we need you!!! ☺) in the challenge of preserving the Lade, both aesthetically and by improving the wildlife through conservation tasks such as planting wildlife friendly plants and checking water quality is not being contaminated by pollution.
 There are many tasks needing done such as wildlife surveys, litter picking, painting, planting fruit trees & wildlife beneficial plants/flowers, checking water quality, photography and more.
Wildlife on the Lade has increased in recent years due to better water regulations. Kingfisher, Bank Voles and multitudes of other species are coming back. Even an Otter was spotted recently!!! It is going in the right direction but YOU can make a difference for the wildlife by taking part.
An Art project is also underway and local artists will soon be working on the walls along the Lade (watch this space!!!) .
Primary schools are also involved with creating ‘Memory Walls’ and bird boxes being painted and placed along the stretch. If you are linked to a school and would like it to be involved then please email: anthea@checkin-giraffe.uk
It is hoped that Perth will start to Love its Lade again and the path that is used daily for walking, cycling and commuting to and from work and town will become a pleasant place to be again.
Please help us achieve this and bring the community together while also making our town a better place for all.
If you would like to find out more or be involved then please email: