santaWe’re delighted to be offering a fantastic range of wreaths, garlands and Christmas trees which will make your festive season even more special.

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Click to download an order form today and pass it into Giraffe Shop & Cafe on South Street to ensure you get yours in time for Christmas! The last collection day is 22nd December but we’ll need some time to make your items!

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realwreathOur highly talented in-house florist is now taking orders for our real bespoke wreaths which are made just for you and are truly unique.

Starting at just £25 each, these decorations will really brighten up your house this Christmas and you would be supporting our local good cause too!

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wreath2Available while stocks last, these beautifully made items will last many festive seasons and will look great hanging on your door.

These lovely decorations are pre-made and available to buy in our shops- they start at just £25.

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You decide on colours, candles, ribbon etc and we will try our best to accommodate your requests.
These unique decorations will add lots of flare to your table and start at £12.50 each.

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Our bespoke grave wreaths start at just £12.50

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Spruce up (see what I did there) your collection of presents this year by keeping them under one of our fantastic, natural Christmas Trees. Choose from either a Fraser Fir or a Nordman Fir and a height between 4ft and 6ft.

Starting at just £25!

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largewreathFULL PRICE LIST

Premium Wreath (real) = £25
Deluxe Wreath (real) = £35
Premium Table Decoration (real) = £12.50
Deluxe Table Decoration (real) = £16
Premium Grave Wreaths (real) = £12.50
Deluxe Grave Wreaths (real) = £16

Fraser Fir – up to 4ft = £25
Fraser Fir – up to 5ft = £32
Fraser Fir – up to 6ft = £35
Nordman Fir – up to 4ft = £25
Nordman Fir – up to 5ft = £36
Nordman Fir – up to 6ft = £45

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