As well as creating tasty food and drinks, we provide valuable work experience and training to those facing barriers to mainstream opportunities.

We strongly believe in inclusion for all.

Giraffe is a professional but supportive environment where we work with individuals facing barriers such as autism, learning disabilities and mental ill health. Our trainees come to us from all over Perth and Kinross (and beyond!) to develop skills, gain experience and move towards independence.

By using our services- you are helping them too!

So, how can you support us?

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Social Inclusion

At Giraffe we believe that everyone should feel like a valued member of the community. We support those who may feel isolated or alone by providing a friendly and safe environment in which they can learn and grow. We also run a programme of additional activities which aim to reduce isolation and promote mental and physical wellbeing.

Value Through Work

Most people take it for granted that they can go to work, but for individuals living with a disability, health condition or barrier this can often be a huge struggle.  Building confidence, teaching work skills and encouraging communication and engagement is at the heart of what we do.

At our busy social enterprise café and kitchen, we run an in-house training journey. As well as industry specific training, we focus on building the softer skills which are key to developing independence and are transferable to any future work place. This approach leads to incredible, life changing opportunities for those we support.

Quality of Life

Alongside our training programme, we run a variety of activities in a welcoming environment where everyone feels valued and included. Social groups, wellbeing activities and personal development opportunities bring enjoyment and happiness to many of our trainees and also the wider community! To find out more about our current activity programme please send us an email-

As a social enterprise, we have a "community first" approach to everything we do.

We want to make the community more inclusive for all and work hard to improve the lives of our trainees. At Giraffe we welcome the opportunity to work with organisations, businesses and individuals that share this vision.

We’re a smallorganisation withbig ideas.

Compassionate Christmas

Every year, we team up with local businesses to raise money for families in need to give them a nice Christmas. Last year, we have experienced overwhelming generosity and raised more than £12,000 to support more than 500 people families. Help us do even better this year.

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Pay it forward

We all deserve some warmth and comfort, whether we can afford it or not. Your donation will help produce and distribute meals to those in need throughout Perth and Kinross.

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Giraffe is for those wishing to develop skills and gain experience in a supported work environment. We are dedicated to developing self-reliance and resilience in our trainees.

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