Tuesday 21 February

The week started with the Right Track group happily digging out compost material from a couple of our compost bays.  The compost was then barrowed into the blue poly tunnel to be forked in to the soil in the next couple of weeks.

Meanwhile Helen and Shiona were busy forking over and preparing the veg beds

Right Track Team member enjoying a well earned rest after moving all that compost!

Wednesday 22 February

A bright sunny day so Daniel and I had an away day – we were working at the Plant Centre at Ladeside!  Once again it was emptying one of the compost bays, from the compost material we had produced throughout the previous year, over the raised beds in preparation for the sprouts, kale, cabbages and cauliflowers.

Thursday 23 February

Well, today it was an away day for everyone – except me. Still I can’t blame them – it was snowing, damp and cold.  So I decided to make the most of it and plan for a mini forest – as you can see

Hopefully you will see these cuttings, once rooted, in next year’s Winter Planters. Patience is what is now required.