Tuesday 28 February

A frosty start to the morning, but that didn’t deter my volunteers, Shiona, Gudrun (welcome back) and new ‘girl’ Jean, from forking over some of the veg beds.  Meanwhile planters (and more rhubarb crowns) were being prepared to take to Mill Street and South Street.

Don’t they look fabulous – priced at £8 and £10 and there’s more to replace them – great for Mother’s Day, with a bow FOC – Go to Mill Street, South Street or visit us at Springlands on Isla Road.

Wednesday 1 March – St David’s Day

Still frosty, but ideal for Jean and Ali to go and prick out tomato plants in the glasshouse, Moneymaker, Golden Sunrise and Ailsa Craig, – look for them to plant in May and all those red and yellow fruits from  July.

Meanwhile, Poppies and Foxgloves, spotted in the garden, were being dug up and potted.

Thursday 2 March

Back to thoughts of summer, so time for Fiona and Liz to start sowing more bedding plants – Poached Egg plants, Snapdragons, and Mesembryanthemum (Livingstone Daisy) to name but a few.

Hopefully we should soon know our way around the Garden, as new Signage (prepared from wood ‘lying around’ the garden!), was being manufactured – will show it off next week