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Social Inclusion

Our friendly environment helps support people who can be isolated and alone because of their barriers and introduce them to other people, including trainees and volunteers, who are also learning. Our social enterprise offers a safe place where we work together as a team to exceed customer expectations and support each other on each personal journey.

Value Through Work

Most people take it for granted they can go to work if they want to but for many their disability, health or barriers can make working or contributing a huge struggle. Building confidence, teaching vocational skills and encouraging people to engage and communicate is at the heart of what we do. Our busy social enterprise café and kitchen allow us to run our in-house trainee journey which provides genuine work experience, interaction with a wide range of customers and independence for our trainees. This creates incredible, life-changing opportunities for each individual.

Quality of Life

We offer a welcoming environment where everyone feels valued and accepted. Even through periods of illness, trainees are supported and the door remains open to allow long term recovery and the steps into, or back to, work possible. Social groups, health and wellbeing activities, and practical tutor-led blocks including woodwork, can also bring enjoyment and added happiness to many of our trainees.

Giraffe is for those wishing to develop skills and gain experience in a supported work environment. We are dedicated to developing self-reliance and resilience in our trainees.

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