Trainee Prospectus

We have years of experience in helping people facing barriers move towards employment, volunteering or further learning

Our prospectus of opportunities

We nurture / guide trainees through 3 levels over 6 months to develop into more skilled and confident individuals.


Work-based training

Work experience is offered through a range of settings and can include:

  • Hospitality
  • Catering
  • Retail
  • Customer Service
  • Administration
  • Horticulture

You will immediately be part of the Giraffe team and start with one morning or afternoon shift per week.


We also offer employability support and life skills:

Our staff can help to support you prepare for work, college or a volunteering position. We are part of a network of other organisations locally and can offer cv writing help, mock interviews, advice with independent living, etc.


Personal Development

We offer a range of additional personal development and health-related activities including:

  • Fun Bike Groups
  • Social Groups
  • Interactive Cooking Classes
  • Health And Wellness Activities

We can offer you a volunteer peer to help support you in your new role.

Please note that some of these activities may have a small joining fee attached.


Accredited Courses

We offer trainees a selection of the following accredited courses and in-house courses:

  • First Aid
  • Food Hygiene
  • Cooking Skills
  • Customer Service
  • Grow and Learn

You will immediately be part of the Giraffe team and start with one morning or afternoon shift per week.

Saltire Awards are also available for volunteers under 25 years of age.

Our experienced and friendly supervisors and volunteers will ensure that your Giraffe journey is fun, safe and rewarding. Placements are available in our South Street Café and Kitchen.

After your referral or application to join us, we will have an informal meeting to see if this is the right environment for you. Our places are highly sought after and we need to make sure that the fit is right! If you are offered a place, you will start with a morning or afternoon shift once a week. You will receive and induction and ‘getting to know you session’ to make you feel comfortable and part of the team. Then we issue a passport to track your progress and development through your staged ‘Giraffe Journey’ with us.

Level 1Introduction

(4 weeks)

  • Set goals
  • Basic level skills training
  • Review and assess
  • Certificate awarded

Level 2Developing Independence

(Approx 10 weeks)

  • Set more long-term goals
  • You will be working more independent
  • You will be taking on more complex tasks (such as using the coffee machine, taking orders and engaging with customers)
  • Attending training as required or an activity so that you are making the most of the services on offer
  • Certificate awarded

Level 3Building Responsibilities

(Approx 10 weeks)

  • You are developing more specialised skills and showing increased confidence
  • You are working really hard - attending shifts regularly and on time; taking on more responsible tasks; working as part of a team
  • Reviewing your goals and achievements
  • Working on next steps - your CV will be bursting with information on your new skills and accredited training and you will be able to move on to another setting with confidence.
  • Certificate awarded

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